A private school education might be more expensive than a public school one, but it is well worth the price. If you send your child to private school, he will have smaller class sizes, be taught by dedicated teachers and have more extracurricular activities to choose from, according to Our Kids Magazine. Your child will also be in a much safer environment because private schools are known for having high discipline standards.

If you are taking your child to a private school interview soon, you should get properly prepared. Here are five helpful tips for preparing for your child's private school interview:

Do Your Research

You do not want to go into a private school interview knowing nothing about the institution. The interviewer may think that you are not truly passionate about sending your child to the school. It is a wise idea to thoroughly research information about the private school school before the interview by visiting the school's website, like http://www.cadets.com, and reviewing other materials. You should at least find out basic information, such as what year the school was established and what extracurricular programs it offers. However, if you want to find out more information about a program the school offers, do not hesitate to ask the interviewer. For instance, you could ask what separates the school's art program from every other school's.

Dress Your Child in Appropriate Clothing

If you want to make a very good impression during the interview, it is important to dress your child appropriately. If the private school requires the students to wear button down shirts and dress slacks and your child wears shorts and a t-shirt, it will not be very appropriate. That is why you should find out about the school dress code beforehand and dress your child in the right clothes.

Do a Practice Interview With Your Child

Your child will be asked several different questions at the private school interview, so you should help him prepare with a practice interview. Pretend to be the administrator and ask your child questions he will most likely hear during the interview. For instance, your child may be asked about his favorite subjects in school and what his interests outside of academics are. Instruct your child to give honest and thoughtful answers to the questions. Also, remind your child to look the administrator in the eyes and sit up straight during the interview. The more practice your child gets, the better prepared he will be for the interview.

Provide Information About Your Child Beforehand

It is a wise idea to send the private school a few documents prior to the interview, such as reference letters and statements about your child's learning style. This will help the administrator get ready for the interview and make the process go smoother.

Prepare Your Own Questions

The administrator is not the only one who should be asking questions at the interview. It is also important for you to ask a few questions to see if the private school is a good fit for your child or not. For example, you may ask how the school prepares the students for college or how they go about selecting the educational materials. If you come up with thoughtful questions, the administrator will be impressed and know that you truly want the best education for your child.

Getting ready for a private school interview can be a little stressful, but do not let it worry you too much. If you follow these helpful tips and tell your child that he will do great, the interview should go smoothly. Go into the private school with your head held high and nail that interview.